Cozy Cone Motel

Cars Land, Disney California Adventure

  • Land: Cars Land
WhereCars Land
TypeQuick Service
Price Range$
MealsLunch, Dinner

During the summer racing season, Sally turns her roadside Cozy Cone Motel into a counter-service cafe offering a unique variety of cone-themed snack foods and signature beverages. With the big race in town, Sally has converted her cone-themed hotel into a tasty food festival. Try "i-cone-ic" snack items such as "chili cone queso", "route" beer floats and churro bites or flavored popcorn served in - you guessed it - a cone.

The unique design of this venue poses some challenges for customers who want to order food from more than one cone. Since every cone offers a unique menu, you'll need to stand in line at each one to order their signature snack or drink. If the lines are long (as they have been througout the previews and opening days), be prepared to split up and have each member of your party stand in line at a different cone to speed the process.

Touring Tips

  • Each conical commissary in this food court, based on Sally's construction-cone motel from the film, serves different snacks and drinks with punny names like "chili cone carne" and "cone on the cob." Popcorn comes in unusual favors like dill pickle and bacon cheddar.
  • The food served at the Cozy Cone is designed to be eaten on the go, but a small grouping of picnic tables around the area provides limited seating if you want to stop for a snack break.
  • None of the items are specifically designated as kids meals, but the menus feature kid-friendly popcorn, churros and pretzels, along with non-alcoholic specialty beverages.
  • Cone 3 is the only cone to serve any form of meat, and offers a vegetarian alternative for both breakfast and lunch/dinner.

Touring Details

  • Type: Quick Service
  • Price: $
  • Cuisine: American

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